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The End of An Age

The Smile I Remember

This Is The Smile I’ll Remember

April 11, 1952 – March 1, 2015

The Carefree Joel I Knew..

To Joel My Youngest Brother. Rest In Peace

My tribute to you in a short composition.

Bitter Sweet


  1. In a couple of words? — I’M JEALOUS! mainly because I can’t do that, and I’ve tried! I know the time that it takes – congrats.

    It does sound pretty cool. again, I’m jealous of your talent – not to mention patience, of which I fall short.

    Keep on keepin on. toikey…!

    1. Thanks for the kind woids…dude! You have the talent, too. It be borned in yuh! It does take a lot of patience. The passion is what drives me. Now that I have that kind of time it is a little easier to do. I do get real impatient when it doesn’t come together as fast as I want. That’s why the mix isn’t totally even.

      Didn’t mean for you to be the J word… Only God can be that! Hee!!

  2. Beautiful. I miss hearing your creations. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Becky. I know its quite different from what you’re used too, but it means a lot. When my brother went to be with the Lord, I put my feelings into music. The only way I know how express what was going through my thoughts… Kind of bitter sweet, if you will.

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