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Despair Will It Ever Stop

Doesn’t it seem a bit dismal that every direction a person turns these days, there is an atmosphere of trepidation caused from the horrific violence all over the world? It’s all we see and hear on any news channel. Try turning on the TV any time of the day or night and watch the news. Excitingly, you can watch the news caster as he/she over delivers their great sources of information to enlighten onlookers. Mostly focusing on some kind of injustice, civil uprising, violent act involving murder, casualties of war, or natural destruction.

It’s no wonder whenever engaging in conversation, whether at work or a chat in a grocery store, the ensuing outcome is in emotions of hopelessness and gloom about city or worldly events. Even skimming through the countless web sites & blogs I find many of them filled with writings of anger, hate and misery. About any source of information one can find…via news media, magazine, news paper, friends, family members, you name it! there’s not much constructive overtone.

Wherever you are while locked in an verbal exchange, it almost always seems to… somehow, gravitate towards negative thoughts on any particular subject. Why is that? In this last twenty years of my life I have become an absolute fanatic in my convictions to lead anyone with an “ear” to a hope of the future.

Yes, things look bleak. (even more so now!) It really doesn’t appear like any calming serenity coming soon. In my own life there has been plenty of moments (my journey written around 1999) of perplexity and befuddlement about the outlook for a future. But, one thing that keeps me attuned to that hope is my belief, trust in God Almighty and relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. (and still to this day)

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